Medical Missions

AAHPO continues to organize and complete a yearly medical mission to Armenia and Artsakh. We have various medical professionals participate in our yearly mission program that serves the people of Armenia and Artsakh.

We provide medical education and training through our mission program as well as foster relationships with our colleagues in Armenia that allow us to remain in contact as an information resource throughout the year. Please contact AAHPO if you would like more information or to participate in our next medical mission program.

Medical Mission Program

Items for Travelers to Take and Steps to Take If Infected with the Virus

  • Adequate number of PPE including face shields
  • Home use pulse oximeter
  • Digital thermometer
  • Azithromycin tablets
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Simply saline nasal mist
  • Ricola cough drops
  • Antipyretic

Who to Contact
If Pulse Ox is 93% and below with or without fever, etc, you can reach out Nairi Hospital and ask for Dr. Aida, Director of the Ambulatory clinic where COVID-19 patients are tested and treated. Aida’s cell number is 94 000777. Please mention that Salpy Akaragian asked that you contact her.

Covid Testing Labs in Armenia