We Stand As One With Artsakh Physicians

As health care professionals, AAHPO leadership is focused on the health care needs created by this humanitarian crisis. Since 2011, AAHPO has had a special relationship with physicians from Artsakh, who have been trained within the AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Educaion Program. As these same physicians have been forcibly displaced themselves, AAHPO pledges its support to these physicians. We believe that enabling these physicians to better care for our Artsakh brethren is the most effective way to serve the AAHPO mission. AAHPO is also supporting the Armenian International Medical Committee (AMIC) effort to provide medical equipment and supplies to Armenia.

Below, we are sharing our letter of solidarity which has been delivered to physicians from Artsakh:

October 2, 2023

Dear Artsakh Colleagues:

These are challenging times. The members of the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) have been closely following the events transpiring in Artsakh over the last three years, and more particularly, over the past month. We stand in solidarity with your valiant, tireless efforts to provide medical care to our Artsakh brethren, often under difficult circumstances. It is with deep sadness that we view the magnitude of the humanitarian crises as the Artsakh population moves to Armenia.

We are grateful that you have arrived safely to Armenia and we will continue to work on your behalf, seeking solutions to the myriad of challenges posed by war, the blockade, and now the forced exodus from Artsakh. There are short- and long-term needs that need to be addressed. We at AAHPO, along with our colleagues at AMIC (Armenian Medical International Committee), are working hard to help to you and your families.

Shortly, you will be receiving a survey from us, that will help define what your personal and professional needs are. Please take the time to fill it out and return it. Depending upon your response, we will do all we can to help. In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail your concerns to either Hambardzum Simonyan, MD, MPH (Hambardzum.Simonyan@far.am) or to me (info@aahpo.org).

We are working with various agencies in Armenia to ensure you will be able to practice

medicine in Armenia once you are settled. Licensing guidelines related to CME credits and other requirements will be defined by local authorities like the Ministry of Health by December 2024.

AAHPO has been involved with providing hands-on and virtual training to Artsakh physicians since 2011. We are committed to continue to do so as you transition to work in Armenia. Because of our special kinship with you, we will do all we can to maximize your opportunities to be successful in Armenia.

We stand as one in our gratitude for all you do to help our people.

Larry Najarian, M.D.

Armenian American Health Professionals Organization
Board of Directors

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