AAHPO continues to support the AAHPO-Fund for Armenia Relief (FAR) continuing medical education program in Artsakh. We not only provide the means for health care professionals from Artsakh and outlying regions of Armenia to participate in continuing medical education in Yerevan, but we also provide continued training throughout the year from our various health care professionals that travel to Armenia and Artsakh to participate in various teaching sessions and symposiums for hands-on collaborative teaching with our Armenian colleagues.

The CME Program was first created in 2005 by FAR and the FAR Fellowship Alumni Association and aims to bolster the overall health of the Armenia’s people by improving medical education and training. Through CME, doctors from these areas can learn to master innovative approaches, methods and technologies from top healthcare providers in Yerevan, free of cost.

Once they return home, they join an extensive network of CME healthcare professionals and receive ongoing support from their mentors and colleagues in Yerevan. Since it began, the CME Program has touched the lives of more than 250 Armenian healthcare providers and thousands of Armenians who continue to benefit from the improved healthcare they can receive.

CME Program
CME Program