AAHPO was established in the fall of 1994 after a series of meetings between Nabet Kasabian, M.D., Khoren Nalbandian, R.Ph. and John Nercessian, M.D. All three were active individuals in the Armenian community of the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area.

They felt that the Armenian community was devoid of a medical healthcare group. It was through their vision and determination that they formed a steering committee by identifying key individuals who would be appropriate to recruit in this endeavor.

The original steering committee consisted of Dr. Nabet Kasabian, Khoren Nalbandian, R.Ph., Dr. John Nercessian, Dr. Pierre Maljian, Dr. Haikaz Grigorian, Dr. Edmund Gergerian, Dr. Kourkin Tchorbajian, Dr. Knarig Khatchadourian, Dr. Harout Mekhjian, Dr. Hrair Shahinian, Annette Choulfayan, M.A., Dr. Robert Aslanian and others. After several meetings, preliminary by-laws were drafted and the organization achieved non-profit status.

It was decided that AAHPO membership would be open to individuals with professional degrees in all health-related fields including physicians, dentists, pharmacists, podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists, nurses, physical therapists, etc…

Throughout the years, AAHPO has served the community at large by organizing Health Fairs, holding Panel Discussions on health related issues and presenting Medical Workshops in metropolitan area churches. Members of the organization have also contributed medical columns in the Armenian Reporter and have been interviewed by Armenian Radio Hour.

AAHPO has honored and paid special tribute to exceptional individuals in the Armenian community for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of healthcare here and in Armenia. Some of those individuals include: Mrs. Louise Simone Manoogian, Dr. Ara Hovanessian, Dr. Avedis K. Khatchadourian, Dr. Stephan Ariyan, Dr. Edgar Housepian, Dr. Harout Mekhjian, Mr. Kevork Hovnanian, and Mrs. Rita Balian and Dr. Aram V. Chobanian.

AAHPO is a recognized member of the Armenian Medical International Committee (A.M.I.C.) and was chosen to host the 10th Armenian Medical World Congress held in New York City in July of 2009.

The success of the organization depends on the participation and involvement of its members and the support of the community at large. We acknowledge and thank all those who contribute to enhancing the mission of AAHPO. We welcome new members and encourage them to become active in the organization.


December 1994
First organizational meeting of the Executive Committee in Paramus, NJ
May 1995
First General Membership Meeting of AAHPO in Paramus, NJ.
July 1995
AAHPO Members Attend the Sixth Armenian Medical World Congress in Boston, MA.
January 1996
Second General Membership Meeting of AAHPO in Paramus, NJ.
May 1996
“Legal Issues on Managed Health Care” Health Care Symposium sponsored by AAHPO at the Hekemian Center of Hackensack University Medical Center.
September 1996
1st Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Louise Simone Manoogian.
December 1996
Third General Membership Meeting in Paramus, NJ. Lecture on “Health Care in Armenia” by Dr. Ohannes Nercessian.

March 1997
Participation in Health Fair organized by St. Sarkis Armenian Church, Douglaston, NY.
May 1997
Fourth General Membership Meeting in Paramus, NJ. Lecture on “Armenian Medical Missionary Activities in Underdeveloped Countries” given by Drs. David and Richard Topazian.
June 1997
First Annual Health Fair of AAHPO held at Hovnanian Armenian School New Milford, N.J. Presentations given by 30 Health Professionals.
September 1997
2nd Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Ara Hovanessian, Ph.D.
January 1998
Fifth General Membership Meeting
May 1998
Second Annual Health Fair of AAHPO held at the Armenian Iranian Society of New York. Presentations given by 50 Health Professionals.

September 1998
3rd Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Dr. Stephan Ariyan & Dr. Edgar Housepian.
September 1999
Program on Aging and Depression in New York.
October 2000
“Health Awareness: Heart Disease” Panel Discussion, Paramus, NJ.
November 2001
6th Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Dr. Avedis K. Khachadurian.
October 2004
9th Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Dr. Haroutune Mekhjian & Mr. Kevork Hovnanian.
June 2006
AAHPO Medical Workshop at St. Vartanantz Church, Ridgefield, NJ.
November 2006
12th Annual AAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Dr. Aram Chobanian and Mrs. Rita Balian.
May 2008
14th Annual AAAHPO Gala Banquet honoring Dr. John P. Bilezikian & Dr. Roger Ohanesian.