ScholarshipThe AAHPO Mentor Committee consists of Armenian Health Professionals whose collective goal is to mentor those who are interested in pursuing a career in health care: from medicine, to nursing, pharmacy, and research. The members work in collaboration with each other and have a wide range of experiences in the health care field, including both clinical and academic.

We help to guide students into the career path of their choice. We promote learning opportunities and participation in events that help foster relationships among the Armenian health care providers. We have provided multiple avenues to streamline student questions and we can be accessed through our website, email, phone, or in person.

AAHPO has been involved with mentoring college students since 2009. This effort started initially with collaborating with AESA (Armenian Engineering and Science Association) and then extended to include Armenian lawyers, finance professionals and various other professions. Essentially, this entails us meeting annually at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus and give guidance to students helping them to decide which professional field they should choose and in some instances helping them find and internship in that field. It has been a very successful program and we even had couple of college graduates who returned to us as mentors because they benefitted from this program as mentees.

Dr Garbis Baydar, Treasurer of AAHPO