Honorees: Khoren O. Nalbandian, RPH

Khoren Nalbandian was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. After graduation from Aleppo College and Karen Yeppe Jemaran, he attended and graduated from themState University of Damascus with anmBachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

In 1965, he moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where he received his Pharmacy License through the American University of Beirut. He started his professional career by teaching Biology and Chemistry at several Armenian institutions including Armenian Evangelical College and Khanamerian College as a part-time professor.

Concurrently, he became the Pharmacist-In-Charge at the Armenian National Sanatorium of Lebanon until 1972, when he was promoted to General Director of the Sanatorium. As Director, he executed several projects for the improvement and development of the institution. He
has served on the Sanatorium’s board (Armenian Medical Fund) as Vice President, President, and currently Trustee.

Throughout his years of serving the Armenian community in Lebanon, he
established strong relationships with various Armenian organizations in
the fields of Education, Culture, and Medicine.

Mr. Nalbandian served in this role until 1975, when he began the next journey in his life, moving to the United States.

After his arrival, he took the next step in his career in New York, when he became a full time and eventually, Senior Pharmacist at New York University Medical Center, where he established a 30+ year tenure.

However, in 1983, Mr. Nalbandian established the entrepreneurial venture which came to define his life’s work. He opened Junction Drugs and Surgical in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which has served the Armenian and non-Armenian communities in the Northern New Jersey/Greater New York Area for the last 31+ years. One of his proudest moments was to answer Armenia’s call by providing medical aid through his pharmacy during the Armenian earthquake of 1988.

In America, Mr. Nalbandian continued serving the Armenian community at institutions in various capacities, including the Hovnanian School, Armenian Presbyterian Church, Armenian Missionary Association of America, Armenian Medical Fund, Armenian Nursing Home, and as one of the three founders of the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) in 1994.

Mr. Nalbandian is married to Seta Loshkajian, and is father of two children, Maria and Alex, and grandfather to two grandchildren, Ani and Raffi.