A Special Message: Artsakh Blockade

AAHPO President Lawrence V. Najarian, MD, has written a letter to our members, colleagues, families and friends about AAHPO’s activities regarding the Artsakh Blockade. Here is a summary for your convenience:

  • The blockade has created a heart-breaking humanitarian crisis that is being largely ignored by the rest of the world.
  • AAHPO is committed to helping address the medical needs of 120,000 Armenians who live in Artsakh and are directly impacted by the blockade.
  • AAHPO has joined with Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC) to raise funds that will be used to purchase medical supplies desperately needed by Artsakh physicians.
  • The first fund-raising effort was a telethon hosted by our colleagues in California on May 7. If you were not able to donate to that effort, you are urged to donate now.
  • The program to purchase medical supplies is being conducted with the highest level of transparency and accountability.
  • The blockade has prevented Artsakh physicians from traveling to Yerevan for essential continuing medical education (CME) funded for 13 years by the AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Education Program.
  • Our fearless director of this CME in Armenia, Dr. Hambardzum Simonyan, has developed online CME programs, which are being provided to Artsakh physicians at this time.
Click here to read the entire letter from Dr. Najarian.

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