Cottage Cheese: The Old-Fashioned Diet Food Is the Hot New Way to Melt Fat — And Even Doctors Use It to Lose Weight

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to AAHPO Member and weight loss expert Dr. Tro Kalayjian for being quoted in the following recent article about the weight-loss benefits of eating cottage cheese.


With 200 million hits, TikTok is going wild for a creamy super-protein that our grandmothers swore by: cottage cheese. Carb-conscious and keto dieters in particular are raving, saying cottage cheese allows them to enjoy everything from extra-fluffy eggs and pancakes to cheesy dips, creamy pasta and no-churn ice cream as they crush their nutrition goals. But does cottage cheese really help with weight loss? Is cottage cheese keto? And is cottage cheese ice cream anywhere near as good as TikTokers say it is? We’re here to answer all your questions — and share success stories and simple but delicious cottage cheese recipes. So keep reading and prepare to be inspired:

Does cottage cheese help with weight loss?
According to the latest research from Florida State University, simply consuming cottage cheese as a daily snack leads to stronger muscles, a quicker metabolism and better overall health. What makes such a mild cheese so powerful? For starters, it’s loaded with nutrients that heal and transform, like energizing riboflavin, waist-shrinking folate, thyroid-boosting selenium and fat-blocking calcium.

Perhaps most crucial of all, each 162-calorie cup of cottage cheese contains a whopping 28 grams of casein and whey, two “super-proteins” found only in dairy products. Both casein and whey are proven to have surprising health benefits. (More on those benefits, below.) And many folks simply feel this special protein provides advantages other proteins don’t. “Cottage cheese is awesome,” raves New York weight loss expert Tro Kalayjian, DO, who personally shed 150 pounds while enjoying lots of the stuff. If you want to get lean, “it’s one of the best foods you can eat.”


Click Video Image below to watch Dr. Tro’s personal weight loss story.

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