How Tik Tok Challenges Can Endanger Kids

Our news feeds are filled with stories of social media trends gone wrong, as impressionable children engage in risky behaviors in search of attention but all too often find broken bones or serious illness instead.

Parents are left wondering what makes dangerous social media challenges so attractive to teens and preteens, and maybe incorrectly assuming their child wouldn’t be foolish enough to make the same mistake.

“Personal connection is so important, especially to teens. Social media challenges can be a powerful way for some to feel connected and receive attention,” said Dr. Gautam Bhasin, a psychologist at Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ. “When kids engage in these behaviors, they just do what others are doing, seemingly becoming part of something bigger than themselves and gaining a feeling of acceptance.”

Among the current challenges most popular with kids and young adults are stunts involving overeating, jumping or falling from heights, and abusing over the counter medications. Each can cause injury or even put your child’s life at risk.

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