Our Own Dr. Tsoline Kojaoghlanian Discusses the RSV Virus Surge, Its Warning Signs and Preventive Measures

Editor’s Note: This article/video appeared on NY1 “News All Day” on Nov. 3, 2022, quoting AAHPO Board Member and pediatric infectious disease specialist Tsoline Kojaoghlanian, MD.

Cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus — known as RSV — are surging around the country.

In the past, RSV has been considered a common, seasonal respiratory infection. But this year it’s hitting harder and earlier.

With flu season underway, and COVID-19 still a challenge, some experts are calling it a ‘“triple-demic.” Hospitals and children’s wards are already being pushed to capacity.

Dr. Tsoline Kojaoghlanian is a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Maimonides Children’s Hospital in Brooklyn who joined “News All Day” for more insight into the disease.

Dr. Kojaoghlanian says some of the warning signs include labored or unusually fast breathing, poor eating and grunting or nasal flaring. To protect your family, the doctor recommends washing your hands, keeping sick family members away from infants, avoid crowded places, and keep kids away from smokers.

Dr. Kojaoghlanian told us that their pediatric intensive care unit is equipped with the right staffing is ready for the expected surge in sick children requiring intensive care. With that care, most babies do well.


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