The AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Education Program Trains 18 Artsakh Physicians Despite Many Challenges in 2022


Four AAHPO members were honored at the January 22 Winter Brunch for their leadership and service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vice President Garbis Baydar, MD (far left) and President Lawrence V. Najarian, MD (far right) congratulate Board Member John P. Bilezikian, MD, Board Member Tsoline Kojaoghlanian, MD, and Member Mihran Seferian, MD. Board Member Kim Hekimian, PhD, also was honored but could not attend as she was traveling to Armenia. Watch for a full report on the Winter Brunch in our next newsletter.

From January 2022 through the end of December 2022, 18 Artsakh doctors representing various medical specialties participated in the AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Education Program, according to the program’s Annual Report. Along with attending the month-long clinical training in Yerevan, the physicians participated in lectures held at the Republican Scientific Medical Library and had the opportunity to improve their computer literacy skills.

“The future for the AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Education Program is bright,” asserted Hambardzum Simonyan, MD, the program director in Armenia. He added:

  • The knowledge and skills the physician-trainees gained during lectures and computer classes will enable them keep up with modern medical trends.
  • The AAHPO, Dr. Raffy Hovanessian Medical Education Program has been included in the 5-years strategy planning of the Artsakh Government as the primary source of continuing medical education training.
  • So far, 46 Artsakh doctors are on the waiting list for 2023.

During 2022, the program collaborated or supported several additional initiatives, including establishing a diabetes education program for medical professionals, training of Artsakh specialists in geriatrics, offering a workshop for orthopedic surgeons in Gyumri, and sending rehabilitation specialists to an important conference (see photos below).

Read entire 2022 Report

Seven endocrinologists recently took part in a week-long training to improve diabetes education of patients.

Orthopedic surgeons from Artsakh participating in a practical workshop during the Orthopedic school in Gyumri.

Specialists from Stepanakert Rehabilitation Center attended an important conference.

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